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Commercial Landscaping

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Businesses, property management companies, and HOAs all need landscaping services. Take a look at why Liverman Lawn and Landscaping is your go-to for commercial landscaping.

Every property has different landscaping needs, but appearance is always a priority. Whether it’s new plantings every spring, basic grass and shrub upkeep, or extensive weekly maintenance, the team at Liverman Lawn and Landscaping, can handle your commercial landscaping needs. As a matter of fact, we offer professional design and installation, as well as packages to help maintain your landscaped spaces.

Our Commercial

Landscaping Services

Similar to our residential landscaping services, we want your facility’s outdoor spaces to look great, year-round. We can help you create appealing landscapes for your shared areas, including planning, design, and installation. Also, we can maintain them throughout the year. Our team of landscaping professionals will mow, edge, weed, trim, and prune to make sure your grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs look great and stay healthy. Moreover, our work includes seasonal plantings, sprinkler system repair and service, and landscaping upkeep.

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Everybody wants their landscaping to look great, but occasionally finding the time to maintain it yourself can be a challenge.


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We know homeowners’ associations and property management companies alike need to keep their shared outdoor areas well-maintained. Whether it’s for use by the neighbors whose monthly HOA fees go toward upkeep, or for a community or business that relies on curb appeal to draw in clients, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we have multiple packages that can fit the needs of your business.

You don’t want to give a bad impression. The lawn and landscaping outside of your facility, a property you manage, or a neighborhood with an HOA must look attractive year-round. You can’t always count on your tenants or community members to do a professional job. However, you can rely on us to keep it in tip-top shape.

Why Choose Us?


At Liverman Landscaping, we’re sure to always prioritize your satisfaction.


You can trust us to handle the job, even when you aren’t able to be there.


We know life happens, we’re willing to work with you & your crazy schedule.


We work in a timely manner, with high quality equipment & workers.