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Could you benefit from our professional mulching services? How often do you find yourself replenishing the mulch around your property? Each and every year? What is your color preference: black, brown, red?

While mulching tends to rely heavily on personal preference, there’s no arguing that a surefire way to brighten up a landscape, in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Virginia - VA area, is with a fresh layer of mulch. In addition to the added beauty, mulch is beneficial to your landscape beds because it helps hold moisture in your plants and trees, and reduces weed maintenance.

What is


Mulch is bark, straw, or other organic substance. Additionally, it can include a kind of ground cover most frequently used around trees, shrubs, and flowers. Mulch is usually made up of timber, pine, non-organic materials, such as rock & pebbles, or perhaps rubber from recycled tires.

Mulch protects your plants and soil. It acts as a barrier and can help your plantings grow stronger. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Weed control
  • Moisture retention
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Nourishes soil as it decomposes
  • Maintains nutrients in the soil by preventing them from washing away
  • Pest control

Mulch Installation from

Liverman Lawn and Landscaping

Call Liverman Lawn and Landscaping, to get a complimentary quote to mulch your yard, in order to provide your plantings with the security that they want. Additionally, our specialist crews will assess your outdoor living area and inform you of the ideal compost to assist. We can send it, unload it, and then install it, at the ideal places, at the ideal thickness. Liverman Lawn and Landscaping can improve the appearance and feel of your house by adding a perfect finishing touch.

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Everybody wants their landscaping to look great, but occasionally finding the time to maintain it yourself can be a challenge.



Make your yard the envy of the neighborhood by calling Liverman Lawn and Landscaping for sod installation service in Chesapeake, VA. We’re a local sod installation company serving customers in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Virginia - VA and surrounding areas. We’re available by phone to answer all your questions about our services and provide free estimates on all of our work.

Not all sod companies offer the same level of care as Liverman Lawn and Landscaping. As local residents in the communities we serve, we never forget it’s your business that keeps us going. That’s one reason why we offer the highest quality sod and customer service around. What’s more, we’re proud of the work we do. We understand how the needs of grass change from season to season. Our pride and thorough sod knowledge will show through in the health, strength, and appearance of your newly installed sod.