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Liverman Lawn & Landscaping

Property Management

Liverman Lawn and Landscaping, knows the way to enhance your home value and allure, in Chesapeake, Virginai Beach, Virginia - VA & surrounding areas.

If you own or operate a property management business, you know bringing high-quality tenants is a priority. How can you do so? Having an attractive property. As a matter of fact, among the greatest factors, when it comes to first impressions for prospective tenants, would be curb appeal. Hence, the landscaping in your home or business can not be shoddy if you would like to receive your potential clients from the curb into the contract.

Liverman Lawn and Landscaping can simply take the labor-intensive job of landscape maintenance off your hands. Take a look at what we can do to help your business:


Naturally, you want the income property you own to increase in value as time passes. It will help bring in high rental prices and much more desirable tenants. The reality is, well-thought-out and correctly maintained landscaping could have a substantial effect on such value. When you employ Liverman Lawn and Landscaping, you can be certain that your landscaping is top-notch, consistent, and affordably priced.

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A property management firm is busy managing tenants, contracts, and all parts of putting individuals in rental homes. You don’t want to wear the hat of a landscaping specialist as well. That is Liverman Lawn and Landscaping’s job. To this end, our staff understands the very best native plants to your Virginia climate, provide quality care including weed management, and seasonal maintenance.

Peace of Mind

There’s a whole lot to be said for peace of mind about your property, in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Virginia - VA area. We, here at Liverman Lawn and Landscaping, will provide you that. By improving the curb appeal, to adjusting the maintenance to the tenant’s satisfaction, Liverman Lawn and Landscaping can care for all your landscaping needs.

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